Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy Service

We provide high standards of Physiotherapy assessments, evaluation, and treatment plans for our clients.

With experience performing and teaching exercises and physical activities and using Modalities such heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical nerve and muscle stimulation, hydrotherapy, and techniques like manipulation, joints mobilization, soft tissue massage, etc that help patients heal and regain their mobility and strength with less pain and recovery from illness.

Conditions  :

–  Back pain

–  Neck Pain and Stiffness

–  Shoulder pain or Frozen Shoulder

–  Knee pain or Stiffness or movement restriction.

–  Hand and Foot pain or stiffness.

–  After Fracture or Dislocation

–  Sports-related Injuries e.g Ankle Sprain, Athletics Injuries, Weight training injuries, Yoga injuries, etc.

–  All types of Arthritis

–  Tendinitis

–  Joints Replacements

–  Paralysis

–  Facial paralysis

–  Muscular Weakness

– Cerebral Palsy

–  Polio

–  Parkinson’s Disease

–  Neuropathies

–  Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

–  Multiple Sclerosis

–  Gynae/Obs.Rehab (before and after pregnancy Physio, PCOS,etc.)

–  Breathing and Heart Problems.

–  Posture and Gait Training

–  Before and after surgery Physio

–  Home Physio Programs Available

–  Old Age Physiotherapy Solutions.

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