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We are Hospital-based Weight Loss and Physiotherapy Clinics in some Reputable Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan since 2007. We Are Providing Comprehensive Weight Management Plans and Fitness Care Solutions For Every Family Member With Losing or Maintaining the Desired Body Weight to Stay Fit and Maintain Healthy Life Style. We are passionate to promote whole Wellness with a more personalized and guided approach to Weight  Management and Physical and Mental Rehabilitation.


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Weight Loss and Bodyshaping

“ Healthy Living In Natural Way ”

We are offering different  Weight Loss and Bodyshaping Programs according to the need and situation of our clients. Following our Plans, you will get in Shape in a Fast and Easy way without any type of harmful effects and Fasting, …. Read More


Women Health and Fitness

Women related issues

We provide Women health and fitness problems solutions ineffective and safe manner with good results. Conditions are as Urine urgency or frequent urination (weak bladder), Breast Problems i.e breast lifting …. Read More



Resume your active and healthy lifestyle

We provide high standards of Physiotherapy assessments, evaluation, and treatment plans for our clients. With experience performing and teaching exercises and physical activities and using Modalities such as heat, ice, …. Read More


Old Age Care

Aging Problems

Old age is a sensitive and care need phase of life. As people age, their ability to move freely diminishes and the body doesn’t respond accordingly. This can be due to health issues or specific injuries. We guide special gentle physical activities …. Read More

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About Us

THE FITNESS  is a health and fitness firm providing Weight Loss, Physiotherapy, and Fitness  Services in some reputable hospital setups since 2007 in Karachi, Pakistan. We are also providing online services according to the need and situations of our valuable clients. We are proudly offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to Weight Management and Physiotherapy Solutions for all family members.

” Our Weight Loss and Bodyshaping Programs helped thousands achieve their required bodyweight & shape “